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Degrowth & fashion: future allies or eternal enemies?

Degrowth is a social movement, a political debate, and an academic field of research. “An equitable reduction in production and consumption that increases human well-being and improves ecological conditions at the local and global level, in the short and long term” as...

Urban Food Systems: a challenge to holistic approaches?

Manfredi Valeriani   The complexity of the world we live in requires more and more encompassing approaches towards the problems that societies face across the globe. New conceptualizations of development and sustainability have been created in the past based on...

Shaping Tomorrow: The Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Creative Industries and Beyond

Author: Viktoriya Pisotska, PhD   In recent times, the conversation surrounding the influence of digital technologies on creative industries has gained momentum, emphasizing the significance of digital platforms and the emergence of digital ownership via NFTs...

The Nordic Waste scandal

The Nordic Waste scandal has brought attention to the environmental hazards posed by a massive landslide that occurred at one of its facilities in Ølst, Denmark, last December. In December 2023, a thunderstorm caused a massive landslide at one of Nordic Waste's...

Global Supply Chain Role and Crucial Role of Cities

The modern food industry has undoubtedly reached impressive milestones in terms of efficiency, diversity, and accessibility of products, largely owing to globalization. Traditional globalized food supply chains now offer customers an extensive range of food options,...

Postdoc Fellowship - Luiss Guido Carli University

Area of Juridical Sciences within the framework of the scientific disciplines IUS/20 - Philosophy of law: “Science with and for society”.

Deadline: June 17, 2024 - 2 pm (CEST)

😎Are you ready for the Third Edition of Common Home “Regeneration Now”?

The most important event in Italy to discuss #Sustainability, #Innovation, #Energy, #ClimateChange, #CivilRights, #Diversity & #Inclusion is back.

🗓️May 9th - @UniLUISS 👇

Exploring holistic approaches in food systems: from theory to practice.
How can we adapt global solutions to local needs? 🌍

Read this new deep dive! https://labgov.city/theurbanmedialab/urban-food-systems-a-challenge-to-holistic-approaches/

#Sustainability #LocalChange #FoodSystems #VulnerableCommunities #LocalNeeds

A few weeks ago the publication of a study that Margherita Valle (LabGov Costa Rica) carried out with her colleague, prof. Franklin Ramirez, in the prestigious scientific magazine #Cities.📙

💡You can find the article here:

#SanJose #CostaRica #Research

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Recent Publications & Projects

New Review of the Co-Cities Book in the Journal of Design and Culture (Taylor & Francis) by Jacob DeGeal

Check out the review of the Co-Cities Book by Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione (The MIT Press) in the Journal of Design and Culture (Taylor & Francis) by Jacob DeGeal.   Click here:...

Interview with Sheila Foster for Nature Cities on “New Inroads for Community-Centric Placemaking”

  Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione’s great work with LabGov.City, was also featured in Nature Cities magazine, through an interview with Sheila Foster for the article on “New Inroads for Community-Centric Placemaking,” conducted by Anneliese (Lisa) Palmer. “As...

Energy Award Winner 2023 – Co-Cities Book awarded in the category of Best Book about the ‘Commons’

Each year, the The American Energy Society spotlights the most extraordinary contributions to energy and sustainability. We are thrilled to announce that among the winners of the Energy Awards 2023 is the book “Co-Cities: Innovative Transitions toward Just and...

“Law and Society” n°4-2022

  Discover in the fourth issue of “Law and Society” in 2022 the crucial role of cities in the fight against climate change, responsible for 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The European Union responds to this emergency with the mission “100 Climate-Neutral...

The Co-City Design Principles

The Co-city approach has been formulated at this stage considering the various developmental phases it has been through in each chapter and the cases that have been analyzed in different cities. The most recent chapter dubbed Urban Co-governance illustrated the 5P’s...

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