Make a tweet for a sustainable development

Make a tweet for a sustainable development


In the UNESCO sustainable development week, from 18th to 24th november, to make a tweet could be instructive.

The proposal starts from theUniversity of Siena. The goal of this initiative is to increase the education on sustainable development. People could participate making a tweet,  #paesaggioedu o @Landscape_Edu, to preserve, to know, or improve a landscape. This “social mobilization” is useful to make aware citizens through a wide-ranging communication and network sharing.

The experts of the Ladest (Laboratory for analysis economic, social and territorial University of Siena), led by geographer Capineri Cristina, will screen all the tweets received, with a special software. The best two tweets on the theme will be awarded as  “Miglior Amico del @Paesaggio 2013”. Any citizen, schools or students are invited to participate tweeting interpretations, personal opinions, suggestions, links, photos, readings, and more on the subject of landscape.

#paesaggioedu, explains the geographer, it’s a national experiment which has the purpose to involve everyone in taking part to the subject of conservation of  landscape and environment. That’s the reason why twitter represents the most widespread and educational social network.

The contest, which has the patronage of UNESCO, is promoted in collaboration with the Landscape Museum in Castelnuovo Berardenga and the Society for Geographical Studies of Florence. At the end of the project will be produced a public document, available online, based on the content analysis of the geographical distribution of the tweets received.

Pass the hat against baby gang

Pass the hat against baby gang


It’s happening in Naples. The “Fondazione di Comunità del centro storico” of Naples, and famous pizzerias in the historic center, organized an initiative to make aware citizen about baby gang.

The “Pizza e pò mò dono”, this is the project’s name, is based on fundraising. Pizzerias who participate, as la Casa della Pizza di Gino Sorbillo, will give 25 eurocent each, for every pizza sold. The initiative starts November 6th  and continuous since January, one day a week, to raise among 15.000/20.000 Euros. Money will be used to counter violence against tourists and citizens, because of the fact that city center is increasingly becoming a training ground for would-be thieves.

The “Fondazione di Comunità del centro storico” headed by Adriano Giannola, former honorary president of the Fondazione Banco di Napoli, intends to support citizens groups , part of the II and IV municipality, and help the weaker improving the quality of life in these areas. The project fielded with pizzerias will be presented to the public November 5th in the Casa della Pizza di Gino Sorbillo.

The event will be held November 6, 13, 20 and December 4, 11 and 18, and next January 8, 2014. In this way, also tourists will finance recovery projects for weak children of the city, simply eating a typical and delicious product as Pizza.


Every site needs someone to take care of it: Clean-up the world!

Every site needs someone to take care of it: Clean-up the world!

HEAD_PiM_epic2013As Blues Brothers said, in their song: “everybody needs somebody”. In this case: every site needs somebody. That’s the cornerstone of “Puliamo il Mondo”, the Italian’s edition of Clean up the World, the largest environmental volunteer event in the world.

The purpose of this campaign is to become the protagonists of Beauty, freeing countries from the decay of streets, squares and green areas of the city and promoting proper waste management. How to do it? it’s easy: don’t stay still, change the world! like the 600 thousand Italian’s volunteers have done, last September, in 4000 places in the country.

Legambiente, (League for the Environment), as the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, is attend throughout the country thanks to the tireless work of more than 1000 groups of “environmental volunteers”, who organize the initiative at the local level in collaboration with associations, companies, committees and city governments.

One of the protagonist, in the last edition of Puliamo il Mondo, 2013, has been Villa Ada. It’s an excellent example of collaboration between Circolo Legambiente “Sherwood”, volunteers, residents and  councilors of the II Municipal Council. The result of this partnership has been clear: all the garbage found (mattresses, computers, toilets, scooters, televisions and more) has been removed by three large vans of AMA ( Azienda Municipale Ambiente) and now the Villa Ada’s boundary is renew.

The Renaissance after the storm

The Renaissance after the storm

save-vernazzaWalking among the 49 heritage site of UNESCO in Italy, it’s possible to meet the village of Vernazza. Unfortunately this beautiful landscape, in the heart of “ Cinque terre”, has been destroyed in 2012, by  a storm.

Therefore, the problem is to give back Vernazza to its tourists. Don’t worry, There is Richard Rogers! Last year, the Paris’s centre Pompidou architect donated his project “The Renaissance of Vernazza” to the village. Then, Mayor Vincenzo Resasco and the ONLUS Save Vernazza invited Rogers to present his feasibility study for the “regeneration of the village”. The project, realized with Renzo Piano, rest on a study of the Vernazza’s past. The spaces are thought to upgrade the old town centre, but achievement can be certain only with a fundraising partnership between private and public sectors, because the plan requires to be realized  2,5 millions of euro.

Conserving and restoring Vernazza is vital for the future of the village, that’s the reason why volunteers from all over the world comes to Vernazza to take a guided trip into the heart of the village, surveying the damage for themselves and work at the site with local residents, clearing land, cultivating vineyards and orchards, maintaining Vernazza’s trail system.

The renaissance project will allow Vernazza to gain a new lease of life and to show to the world her simple, but wonderful character.