The Co-City: new roads towards innovation suggested by prof. Iaione

“The CO-City: Sharing, Collaborating, Cooperating, and Commoning in the City” is a paper written by professor Christian Iaione of LabGov, published on the American Journal of Economics and Sociology in March 2016 and discussed in the framework of the 4th European Regional Meeting of IASC, which took place from the 10th to the 13th May 2016.

This article introduces an innovative, experimental, adaptive, and iterative approach to creating legal and institutional frameworks based on urban polycentric governance to foster commons-based urban policies. First, the theory of urban/local governance is introduced, based on an urban co-governance matrix. A new type of regulatory system is then described that aims at transforming people in distributed nodes of collective action. Citizens and institutions can be myriad nodes of designing and problem solving in the public interest. Urban cogovernance aims at taking advantage of this galaxy of networks. The author then examines design principles and a methodology to implement the urban co-governance matrix. The concluding question concerns the need for a new research methodology to investigate the ongoing process of state transformation and institutional genesis at the urban level.

If you are interested in this subject, please explore the full paper here.