#fondatisullacultura Convention. A coordination for the Culture

#fondatisullacultura is a convention promoted by Roma Capitale and “Commissione Cultura, Politiche Giovanili e Lavoro in collaboration with #fondatisullacultura.

The panel will be held in Rome at MACRO and will host four thematic sessions on culture.


The introductory panel will be lead by On. Michela Di Biase, President of The Commission “Cultura, Politiche Giovanili e Lavoro di Roma Capitale“, which will introduce the debate with highly qualified professionals.

Following, the experts will give us the opportunity to understand the dynamics of the cultural enterprises and their aggregate value, both in the sense of economic production and socio-cultural output; it will be crucial to comprehend which are the products and recipients of the economy of culture, as well as addressing the key issue of resources’ management.

There is a recurrent necessity to confront principles and norms with the challenges of the new cultural demands, but on top of all, it is vital to analyze the possible strategies and the existing administrative instruments (and loopholes) that serve to coordinate and produce public policies.

LabGov will be as always on the frontline, represented by its Coordinator and Professor Christian Iaione.


Public participation is welcomed.




FREE ENTRANCE, Via Nizza 138   h.9:30-18:00