Blockchain and Procedural Law – Blockchain Technologies at the Domestic and International Levels.

The 3rd Seminar on Blockchain and Procedural Law. Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law. Friday, 17 January 2020. Luxembourg.

Today, on Friday 17 January 2020, the co-founder of LabGov, Prof. Iaione, took part in the third and final seminar of the Blockchain and Procedural Law series, in the Max Planck Institute in Luxembourg. The two previous ones were held on the topics of ‘Law and Justice in the Age of Disintermediation‘ and ‘Automating Legal instruments‘.

The third seminar aimed at (i) understanding how states may harness the potential of blockchain technologies through the presentation of different case studies (ii) and mapping the first forays of international organizations into these emerging technologies.

In the seminar, Prof. Iaione delivered a presentation, together with Prof. Sofia Ranchordas, on ‘Smart Public Contracts: Home for Future-Proofing Law?‘. The seminar gathered together experts of the field from all around the world. Concluding remarks from anthropological and sociological perspectives were given in the end to close the final seminar.

Find the detailed program inserted below with the speakers and the exact topics of their presentations or, alternatively here or here.

3rd Seminar: Blockchain Technologies at the Domestic and the International Levels

Opening Presentation

– Dr Lily Martinet, Dr Edouard Fromageau (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law) 

States Harnessing the Potential of Blockchain Technologies

– Dr Lily Martinet (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law) Exercising Digital Sovereignty over the Blockchain
– Dr Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva (University of Tartu) Sovereignty and Autonomy via Mathematics

– Ms Tian Lu (Maastricht University) The Implementation of Blockchain Technologies in Chinese Courts
– Prof. Christian Iaione (Luiss Guido Carli University, LabGov.City), Prof. Sofia Ranchordas (University of Groningen) Smart Public Contracts: Home for Future-Proofing Law?

International Organisations Embracing the Blockchain

– Ms Emmanuelle Ganne (World Trade Organization) Blockchain and International Trade: From Tech to Regulation – The Need for an International Approach 

– Dr Edouard Fromageau (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law) Uses of Blockchain by International Financial Institutions and their Legal Implications
– Dr André Nunes Chaib (Maastricht University) What Role for the IMF in Regulating Virtual Currencies?
– Prof. Nathalie Janson (NEOMA Business School and Sciences Po) Private Cryptocurrencies versus Central Bank Digital currencies: The War of Titans?

Concluding Remarks

– Prof. Antoine Garapon (Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice), Dr Jean Lassègue (CNRS)