One of the enduring foundations of the Ostrom Workshop has been the Monday Colloquium Series, promoted by the Indiana University Bloomington. The series has provided a forum for a breadth of presenters and topics over the years that have echoed the themes of the Ostrom Workshop’s research program. 

On October 5th from 6pm to 7pm (Rome time zone) Sheila Foster, professor of Urban Law and Policy at Georgetown University, will participate to the Colloquim series organized by Indiana University Bloomington. Professor Foster, co-director of LabGov.City, will present the forthcomming book written with professor Christian Iaione: “Co-Cities: Empowering Equitable and Self-Sustaining Communities through Land and Resource Stewardship”. In particular she will focus on the principles elaborated by Elinor Ostrom adapted to the Urban contexts.

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