The March 12 webinar, titled “Community Land Trusts: Affordable Housing Strategies for Racial and Economic Justice,” offered an exceptional platform to highlight how shared equity models can foster upward socio-economic mobility. While the concepts of Trusts, Land Trusts, and Community Land Trusts are not novel, CLTs have surged in popularity over the past decade, offering a means for community members to collectively assert agency over their housing and broader living environments.Viewing CLTs through the lens of Co-City methodology underscores the empowerment they offer communities in enhancing neighborhood affordability and sustainability. Moreover, localized and participatory decision-making fosters greater self-determination over land use at the local level. As CLTs nationwide diversify their portfolios, the Plank Road CLBT stands poised as a trailblazer in this movement, boasting properties for residential (both ownership and rental), commercial, recreational, and environmental purposes.The speakers—Kristin Ring-Reis, Adam Maloon, and Reed Asselbaye as moderator—offered fresh and compelling insights into this topic, drawing from legal, urban planning, and management perspectives. Their contributions, alongside those of others in the field, represent remarkable efforts globally and extend a warm welcome to all seeking deeper understanding. I extend my gratitude to Professor Sheila Foster, Reed Asselbaye, and the CLT community for providing this invaluable opportunity for education and engagement.