Citizens of the world-2nd Workshop LabGov EDU

Citizens of the world-2nd Workshop LabGov EDU

The second workshop of LabGov EDU 2016/2017 has been held on the 4th of November by Simone D’Antonio, an Italian urban journalist and communicator, member of ANCI and responsible for the activities of the Italian URBACT . He discussed with the class how the development of cities in the global scene is protected and followed by the international institutions.


Firstly, he introduced some international projects, like the European initiative “URBACT”, but above all he spoke about Habitat III, a meeting organized by the UN every 20 years to rewrite the New Urban Agenda. This year Habitat III took place in Quito, Ecuador, one of the few countries that provide the “right to the city” in its constitution. Due to its complex morphology, it is always searching for new solutions in order to adapt the cities to the territory facilitating all the citizens.

Next, he illustrated the “KNOW YOUR CITY” project, designed to give a voice to everyone who usually suffers in silence, like some African slums’ inhabitants or young Muslims who live in Middle East war zones, that show their own tragic realities with their strength.

He continued, talking about the “shrinking cities” phenomenon (that is unfortunately becoming frequent in our days, in many citiesimg-20161108-wa0026 such as Detroit), and the meaning of being an urban journalist; someone who is interested in finding solutions to the cities’ problems, through knowledge and communication. He underlined the importance of communication (through new media, internet, social networks), arguing how it’s important to build information networks in order to realize projects and create new economic systems, as the supportive one adopted by some marketplaces in Milan, after the Expo experience, in order to fight against food wasting. (link to know more about the experience in Milan:

It is a good habit to be constantly informed about what is happening around the world in the urbanistic sector and to be aware of who makes the difference by giving birth to initiatives and projects, because we are all parts of this big scenery.

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Written by Claudia Caruso 

LabGov in Trieste for ANCI’s School for Young Public Administrators.

LabGov in Trieste for ANCI’s School for Young Public Administrators.


On Friday 15th April LabGov will be in Trieste, on the occasion of ANCI Giovani’s annual Meeting.

Two workshops will take place during the Meeting:

  • Better together. Advantages, process and instruments of the forms of inter-communal aggregation”
  • Commons, administrative barter and civic monitoring: useful instruments for a new relationship between citizens and public administration”

Professor Christian Iaione will hold a panel in the workshop about Commons, administrative barter and civic monitoring. He will talk about sharing economy and about Commons as new challenges for the municipalities.

Alongside with the Professor will intervene Fulvio Mancuso (Siena’s deputy mayor), Professor Fabio Giglioni (Labsus – professor of Administrative Law in La Sapienza University of Rome) and Gianluca Sgueo (policy analyst at the European Parliament).

The 50 young public administrators who will take part in the workshop will have the possibility to interact with experts who will present them the topics and talk about concrete cases of application in the territories.

The workshops will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.


Venerdì 15 aprile si svolgeranno a Trieste, in occasione della VII Assemblea annuale di ANCI Giovani, due laboratori di approfondimento dedicati agli amministratori sui temi della gestione associata dei servizi e dell’amministrazione condivisa, organizzati dalla Scuola ANCI per Giovani Amministratori. Il Professor Christian Iaione interverrà nel Laboratorio  “Beni comuni, baratto amministrativo e monitoraggio civico: strumenti per una nuova relazione fra cittadini e amministrazioni”, per parlare di sharing economy e beni comuni come nuove sfide per i Comuni.