Rete di Reti: a network to the networks

Rete di Reti: a network to the networks

imagesA networking area has been created for sharing and improving innovative projects.

“Rete di Reti” or “The Network to the networks” is a new project created by different associations and foundations that aims to share knowledge, competences and experiences in order to develop innovation and learning activities and to create structured projects for Italy.

The group is composed by more than 30 no profit association and foundations. Among them also ALL Associazione Laureati LUISS and Sensacional. Rete di Reti was born with the final objective of sharing resources avoiding the loss of chances. Being part of an network reduce the dissipation of energies and competences and at the same time improve the possibility of every organizations.

For realizing this idea, Fondazione Italiana Accenture, through its online platform for innovation IdeaTRE60, create a social networking area, in which is possible for the members to collaborate and share their projects and programs, improving coherence at national level. Innovation and learning are the two central concept of the project.

One of the next commitment will be a working table in which will be discussed learning activities for young Italian talents. Italian companies needed assistance for internationalization. Rete di Reti intends promote stage and internship abroad, especially in China, for training young Italian talents. Another next step will be a project of coaching and mentoring for college students aiming at giving vocational guidance for the choice of their life.

The inspiring values are transparency, responsibility and ethic, diffused solidarity and sharing of knowledge and ideas. Moreover is an open network and is possible to join the initiatives for helping to improve.

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