Labgov presents #OrtoLUISS  at #EXPO!

Labgov presents #OrtoLUISS at #EXPO!


The main event of this year in Italy is the #Expo.  Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, is hosting from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Over this six-month period, Milan becomes a global showcase where more than 140 participating countries show the best of their technology that offers a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium. In addition to the exhibitor nations, the Expo also involves international organizations, and expects to welcome over 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area[1]. On the 16th of September, LabGov was  invited to the Cluster BIO – Piazzetta Mediterranea, during the Settimana della Dieta mediterranea / UNESCO in EXPO.IMG_0903

At this Conference, LabGov presented the importance of #OrtoLUISS in the context of sustainability and collaboration. There, the moderator gave the floor to LUISS General Director Lo Storto, who explained how important the project was to him personally and to the LUISS community as a whole. Claudia Giommarini followed Lo Storto and deepened the aim of the project #OrtoLUISS. She explained that the garden is a place for LUISS students and staff to convene, collaborate, and connect to nature. Then, the moderator introduced Professor Iaione – coordinator of LabGov. He illustrated the importance of public goods managed with the collaborative governance.

The two LabGovers started to describe their experience. Benedetta Borghini explained what LabGov is and how LabGov works, including its aim, organization, elements and projects  CO-Battipaglia, CO-Bologna, CO-Mantova etc. Then, Benedetta Gillio discussed the experience in #OrtoLUISS, which she defined as a “school of civilization“ where she learned a sense of respect, the meaning of the words care and patience, and the importance of collaboration. Both speeches focused on how such experiments in collaborative governance are both significant and functional experiences. Completing the explanations, Benedetta introduced the new LUISS LabGov Educational Lab 2015-16, which will aim to provide an effective governance tool for Rome.

IMG_0876The Journalist and writer Gianluca Nicoletti, who is also the president of the Onlus Insettopia, stressed that #OrtoLUISS has unique implications for children with autism because it can help them connect to the world through ortoterapia. As a first mover, LUISS will be the leader of such initiatives. There was also Peppe Zullo, who is the ambassador of the #OrtoLUISS and who focused on the importance of  the earth and healthy food. Finally Massimo Egidi, the Rector of University, spoke about the varieties of flowers and how much we can learn from them.

Beyond the conference itself, the two LabGovers had the opportunity to explore the greater Expo pavilions, and reported that they felt an overpowering emotion, as though they could  feel the power of human potential when the world is united as one. The main street at the Expo contained a series of awe-inspiring buildings, each representing a country, one next to the other. It was an amazing sensation to see those buildings, symbols of the world’s cooperation.


Has Been this article co-authored by Benedetta Gillio, Benedetta Borghini


LabGov presents #OrtoLUISS to #EXPO!


The most important event of this year is definitely # EXPO2015. On 16 September, LabGov has been invited to BIO Cluster – in Piazzetta Mediterranean , during the week of the Diet Mediterranean / UNESCO in EXPO . At this conference , LabGov has presented the ‘ importance of #OrtoLUISS in a context of sustainability and collaboration .

Article written by many hands from Benedetta Gillio, Benedetta Borghini

Innovation and Territory, the CSR exhibition at LUISS

Innovation and Territory, the CSR exhibition at LUISS

SALONE-2014-LOGO-SFONDO-TRASPARENTEOn May the 6th, LUISS will host the second edition of the CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition in Rome, named “Passion and Inspiration: get ready for the future”.

It is the most important event in Italy dedicated to the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility, towards more and more innovative and sustainable scenarios.

This edition will promote a CSR dedicated to the needs of the territory, and some of the most important best practices regarding environmental and social innovation will be presented and analysed by companies, local authorities, social businesses and cooperatives.

Anima, Koinetica, LUISS and Next propose a program full of debates and meetings in which students and their ideas will be the leading actors.

In the afternoon, from 2.30 p.m. until 4 p.m., a seminar entitled “Territory, Sharing and Innovation: collaborative projects are increasing” will take place.
According to the program of the exhibition,
professor Christian Iaione, LabGov’s coordinator, Fabrizio Torella from Ferrovie dello Stato, Alessandro Radicchi from ONDS, and Maurizio Gubbiotti from Legambiente, after having talked about the project “Help Center” in the train stations and the various examples about public-private-civic partnerships which LabGov is carrying on in Italy, will also examine the co-design and the participation projects for the environmental sustainability of the territory. Certainly, the participant will have the opportunity to understand what has been made during this academic year at the LUISS Community Garden.

Rossella Sobrero, Koinetica’s president, will moderate the debate.

To obtain further informations and to consult the full and detailed program, please visit the following links:




Mercoledì 6 maggio la LUISS ospiterà la seconda edizione romana del Salone della CSR e dell’innovazione sociale, “Passione e ispirazione, prepararsi al futuro”.

L’edizione 2015 promuoverà una responsabilità sociale attenta alle esigenze e ai bisogni del territorio; verranno presentate alcune delle più importanti buone pratiche sul tema dell’innovazione ambientale e sociale.

Il programma (visionabile a questo link) prevede un seminario intitolato “Territorio, Condivisione, Innovazione: crescono i progetti collaborativi” cui parteciparanno, oltre al professor Christian Iaione – coordinatore di LabGov – anche Fabrizio Torella, Responsabile attività sociali Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Alessandro Radicchi di ONDS, Osservatorio Nazionale sul Disagio e la Solidarietà nelle Stazioni Italiane e Maurizio Gubbiotti, Coordinatore Segreteria Nazionale, Responsabile Dipartimento Internazionale di Legambiente. Coordinerà il dibattito Rossella Sobrero, presidente di Koinetica.

L’appuntamento è fissato in aula 203, dalle 14.30 alle 16.


Cooking lesson and talks: the last event of LabGov’s third edition

Cooking lesson and talks: the last event of LabGov’s third edition

18 aprile1Tomorrow will be a great day for LabGov!

It will be the closing day of the third edition of the laboratory, which focused on Environment, Agriculture and Food, in order to imagine and design a governance strategy suitable for a configuration of the territory as a commons.

We are feeling a mix of controversial emotions.
Although we are happy because we are going to host prominent lecturers and guests, we are a little bit sad because we are going to say goodbye each other, but only for what concerns the educational side of the laboratory, and we will have to settle accounts after a year of projects and shared ideas at LUISS.

Tomorrow, the labgovers will be involved in a lot of activities from the morning until the afternoon. We have prepared a very packed program!

Actually, from 9 to 10 a.m. at the Viale Romania’s canteen, will take place the last cooking lesson. The participants, who are not only students but also members of the administrative and teaching staff of LUISS University, will learn something more about preparing desserts.

Then, while the desserts are in the oven or in the refrigerator (it depends on the sort of the dessert the participants prepared!), there will be a coffee break during which the participants will have the opportunity to converse together with our friends Annibale D’elia, who is, among the others, Bollenti Spiriti project creator, and Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi from AOS – Art is Open Source.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. will take place a cooking challenge, followed by a degustation and the proclamation of the winners. For this challenge the jury members will be Gianni Lo Storto, LUISS general manager, Christian Iaione, LabGov’s coordinator, Giorgio Righi, Pierluigi Trezzini, Tamara Lapi and Annibale D’elia.

Finally, the participants, the jury members and all the guests will enjoy a lunch offered by CIR-FOOD.

In the afternoon we will move to our community garden for a last common work shift in the garden, and to discuss with professor Iaione about his paper on “City as a Commons”.
Here you are the link to download it!

PIANTAGONO – Cleaning our flowerbed to regenerate our neighbourhood!

PIANTAGONO – Cleaning our flowerbed to regenerate our neighbourhood!

Next Friday, April the 17th, LabGov – LABoratory for the GOVernance of commons and AMUSE – Amici Municipio Secondo will collaborate to regenerate the central flowerbed of Piazza Ungheria, Rome.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness of sustainable development, the care and regeneration of urban green spaces and governance of the commons. The specific objective of the project is the rehabilitation, care and maintenance of the flowerbed of Piazza Ungheria and the creation of a network of collaboration among active citizens in urban green spaces.

Among all partners that will enjoy the event, there will be Zappata Romana; Interazioni urbane; Rebike ALTERmobility; Radio Luiss; Greenchallenge; Luiss TV; Luiss LEP; Retake Roma.

The event – that will begin at 2.30 PM in Piazza Ungheria, Rome – will be divided in two parts:

2.30 PM – 5.00 PM: regenerating action

5.00 PM – 6.00 PM: Tea Time in LUISS Community Garden

For more details, please refer to the flyers below:

                           17 aprile_Loc 17 aprile (10)                          Volantino opz2 - B&N (5)

Co-designing #OrtoLUISS!

Co-designing #OrtoLUISS!

27- 28 marzo 4


Today at LabGov we’ll co-design the #OrtoLuiss. After the co-design session with Daniela Selloni last week, we will implement the knowledge acquired in term of co-designed services. We will try to draw and translate in practice the idea we have about the #OrtoLuiss as a place of collaboration, an educational space and a stage where many kind of events could take place. This time our challenge will be also to make the co-design process as spread as possible among the LUISS community. In the second part of the workshop, we’ll have another co-design session for the AMUSE project, which consists in a collaboration between LabGov, AMUSE and neighborhood for the requalification of the Piazza Ungheria’s flowerbed.

On Saturday, Labgov students together with LUISS professors and staff, will continue the experiment of the cooking course, with the help of LUISS canteen chefs. In the afternoon, all all those who have a passion for gardening, are invited to participate to the gardening course at #OrtoLuiss from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Viale Romania 32.