Ferrero sweet CSR

Ferrero sweet CSR

palm iolFerrero decides to use sustainable palm oil, and save rainforests

Ferrero, Italian leading group in confectionery products, has recently signed the “Ferrero Palm Oil Charter” in which commit itself to strengthen the social responsibility of the Group in order to address the major causes of deforestation and create an optimal balance between the conservation of the environment, the protection of the local community and the continuation of the business.

Thanks to this manifesto Ferrero will be able to guarantee by the end of 2014 to achieving 100% traceable segregated, RSPO-certified palm oil, nearly one year ahead of the original schedule. The RSPO is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oils an ONG that promotes the production and commercialization of certified sustainable palm oil.  Ferrero has been member of the RSPO since 2005.

The palm oil is a raw material very diffused in manufacturing industry. On the one hand Ferrero, that consumes 150.000 tons of palm oil, uses this oil for its organoleptic properties to avoid the use of hydrogenated fats very harmful for human wealth.  On the other hand the increasing use of this oil globally have significantly reduced the extension of rainforest and of animals that live there, like the tigers of Sumatra, in Indonesia. According to WWF has been more than 300 million hectares of rainforest that has been destroyed for leaving space to palm oil plantations.

In this respect two important point have to be highlighted in the Charter: the commitment to not use fire to clear land and to protect orang-utans and others endangered species by maintaining High Conservation Value areas. Theses aspects are very important and are linked with two important initiative worth to note: firstly the doc-movie “Green” made by an ordinary citizen trying to help protect the rainforest and all the life it holds. Secondly the report “Licence to kill” made by Greenpeace for documenting the use of fire in the peatsland for deforestation.