Designing and Monitoring the Territory: University of Calabria is talking about it

Designing and Monitoring the Territory: University of Calabria is talking about it

Starting from the 17th of April, the department of Engineering of the Environment and the Territory of the University of Calabria is presenting a series of seminars covering the topics of the safeguard and the monitoring of the territory.
The seminars will take place in the buildings of the University of Calabria in Arcavacata, a small town near Cosenza.

The series of seminars will be distributed in four days:

April 17th at 9:00 – The focus of the first meeting will be on how it is possible to transform the territory. The seminar will begin with the greetings of Girolamo Giordano, the dean of the university. Following the debate will start, with the participation of professor Mendicino (University of Calabria), professor Celani (University of Calabria) and the architect Caruso (Cematelier).

May 8th at 9:00 – The second seminar will cover the topic of the governance of the territory. In this second meeting LabGov will be involved, thanks to the participation of professor Christian Iaione. To the debate will also participate architect Vitellio (COS) and professor Mazzitelli (University of Calabria).

May 15th at 9:00 – The focus of the third seminar will be on recycling the territory. To the debate will participate professor Ricci (University of Genova), architect Nava (University of Reggio Calabria) and professor Ferrucci (University of Calabria).

May 28th at 15:00 – The series of seminars will conclude with a debate about how the territory can be administered. Professor Maiolo (University of Calabria) and professor Rossi (University of Calabria) will participate. Finally the conclusion will be held by engineer Mazzuca (Cematelier) and professor Cannavò (University of Calabria).

The seminars will surely be a great moment to share ideas and thoughts on a theme that today is very important and which needs the active participation of the citizens.

A complete program of the seminars is available here


A partire dal 17 Aprile, l’Università della Calabria presenterà un ciclo di seminari sul Progettare il territorio e monitorare l’ambiente.
Il ciclo di seminari sarà distribuito in quattro giornate. LabGov sarà particolarmente coinvolto durante la seconda giornata (8 Maggio), con la partecipazione del professor Iaione che parlerà del governare il territorio.
I seminari avranno luogo nelle strutture dell’Università della Calabria, ad Arcacavata.




Cooking lesson and talks: the last event of LabGov’s third edition

Cooking lesson and talks: the last event of LabGov’s third edition

18 aprile1Tomorrow will be a great day for LabGov!

It will be the closing day of the third edition of the laboratory, which focused on Environment, Agriculture and Food, in order to imagine and design a governance strategy suitable for a configuration of the territory as a commons.

We are feeling a mix of controversial emotions.
Although we are happy because we are going to host prominent lecturers and guests, we are a little bit sad because we are going to say goodbye each other, but only for what concerns the educational side of the laboratory, and we will have to settle accounts after a year of projects and shared ideas at LUISS.

Tomorrow, the labgovers will be involved in a lot of activities from the morning until the afternoon. We have prepared a very packed program!

Actually, from 9 to 10 a.m. at the Viale Romania’s canteen, will take place the last cooking lesson. The participants, who are not only students but also members of the administrative and teaching staff of LUISS University, will learn something more about preparing desserts.

Then, while the desserts are in the oven or in the refrigerator (it depends on the sort of the dessert the participants prepared!), there will be a coffee break during which the participants will have the opportunity to converse together with our friends Annibale D’elia, who is, among the others, Bollenti Spiriti project creator, and Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi from AOS – Art is Open Source.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. will take place a cooking challenge, followed by a degustation and the proclamation of the winners. For this challenge the jury members will be Gianni Lo Storto, LUISS general manager, Christian Iaione, LabGov’s coordinator, Giorgio Righi, Pierluigi Trezzini, Tamara Lapi and Annibale D’elia.

Finally, the participants, the jury members and all the guests will enjoy a lunch offered by CIR-FOOD.

In the afternoon we will move to our community garden for a last common work shift in the garden, and to discuss with professor Iaione about his paper on “City as a Commons”.
Here you are the link to download it!

Reactivicity Reloaded: Co.making cities

Reactivicity Reloaded: Co.making cities


The new millennium is the era of changing spaces, dynamic perspectives and euphoric crowding.

A sense of novel social planning sprouted in the fields of the urban ecosystem, while contemporary economic, cultural and digital trends are pointing out alternative projections for the use of properties and public spaces.

The narrative of top-down impositions cannot catch up with the priority lane of collective tracks; there is no space anymore for watertight compartment, for aseptic modes of public governance.

It is time for supporting the sentiments of the citizens, to raise the interest of those who really live the neighborhood and to connect them.

There is a flourishing community of “re-activators”, those who follow the flux of social innovation and believe in the mantra of urban galvanization.

Here is the community for sharing spaces and ideas; we are inspired by the art of sharing collaboration.


Not only for newcomers: the “Co.making cities” workshop is at its second edition and will show up the arsenal for a direct confrontation and experimentation on territorial governance, active citizenship and co-working spaces.

The 15-16-17-18 of October the city of Bari will host at the Impact Hub the modules of Reactivicity Reloaded, promoted by Pop Hub and Coompany.

Four days workshops for boosting the interactions between citizens and urban spaces, an opportunity to start-up the ultimate urban and cultural trends.


Save up the date and stay tuned!


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