Waiting for the 8th & 9th of April

Waiting for the 8th & 9th of April

 img-20151121-wa0049On the 5th of March 2016, at the LUISS Campus of Viale Romania, LabGovers came together to discuss and find solution to the problems related to the School Pisacane. They divided themselves in five groups in order to organize the various activities for the days of 8 and 9 April. Each group had it’s own task. This division in groups allowed the labgovers to organize every single aspect of those two days of celebration at the school Pisacane. Two were the main issues of every discussion in each group: the sustainability and the duration of the effects created by the intervention of LabGov at the school Pisacane. The first group focused on different possibilities of games for the children involved in those two days; the second group had to think about a serious matter: cleaning the schoolyard and keep it clean also on the long term.  The third group paid img-20151121-wa0035attention to the communication of the event, by preparing the script for a video that should narrate the event and explain the experimentations made by LabGov. A concrete sign of the intervention of the LabGovers was developed by the fourth group and it is the realization of small gardens for the schoolyard, realized by the children of the school with the help of the LabGovers and the parents and the teachers. The fifth group looked after another relevant feature: the illumination of the schoolyard; this is a problem underlined by the teachers and the parents. This day of reasoning and researches gave the labgovers the opportunity to improve their knowhow in organizing events and in taking care of a common good.

Nella giornata del 5 Marzo, nel Campus Luiss di Viale Romania, i LabGovers si sono riuniti ed insieme hanno organizzato le giornate dell’ 8 e 9 Aprile, nella scuola Pisacane. I due giorni saranno dedicati alla rigenerazione degli spazi costituenti la scuola e della comunità che la vive. Le attività, che verranno svolte dai LabGovers insieme ai bambini, insegnanti, genitori ed associazioni del luogo, saranno le seguenti: rigenerazione del cortile interno, costruzione e cura di orti in cassone, trovare delle soluzioni sostenibili al problema illuminazione, organizzazione dei giochi e video.

“New Democracy: Co-Creating the City” – ECF’s event in Amsterdam

“New Democracy: Co-Creating the City” – ECF’s event in Amsterdam

Today, almost three quarters of Europeans live in urban areas. Cities are at the core of institutional relations and economic growth. Yet, they are facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges that curb their rational  development. It is time to think about the need to overcome these obstacles and plan a way to create fertile conditions to foster urban development, engaging citizens and communities in the process.

Experts, scholars and city-makers will explore this issue on February 25th in Amsterdam during the ECF’s event “New Democracy, Co-creating the City”.  It will be a welcome opportunity to dialogue about urban poverty, affordable housing, sustainable use of land, exploring the already rich European landscape of public-civil partnerships and participatory governance practices. The event is organized by the European Cultural Foundation –  in collaboration with Europe by PeopleKunsten ’92, Leeuwarden – Fryslân 2018 European Capital of CulturalNetwerk Democratie and Pakhuis de Zwijger . It is part of “New Democracy”, a series of events on democratic and cultural renewal in Europe from a citizens’ perspective.

The event has the clear aim to contribute to the forthcoming EU Urban Agenda, a cornerstone of the Dutch Presidency of the Council, which will be adopted by EU Heads of state and government during the ad hoc Ministerial Conference that will take place on May 30th. Experts, scholars, academics and city-makers will gather in Amsterdam to discuss and formulate creative and innovative solutions to urban challenges, in order to encourage cultural change and stimulate the development of good governance practices.

Eminent figures – leading the process towards urban, social and institutional innovation in the cities of Bologna, Solin and Leeuwarden – will intervene as speakers. Among them: Christian Iaione, professor of Public Law, Director of the Laboratory for the Governance of the Commons, LUISS Roma and member of the International Association for the Study of the CommonsAntonija EremutManager of the EU funded projects in cultural tourism and sustainable urban developmentPedro Campos PonceBeleidsadviseur Europees stedenbeleid, BZKSjoerd FeitsmaCouncillor of Culture Leeuwarden.

You can find the program of the event here.


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Circa tre quarti dei cittadini Europei vive oggi in aree urbane. Le città sono ormai il cuore pulsante dell’Europa. Tuttavia, esse sono costrette a confrontarsi con sfide sociali, ambientali e istituzionali senza precedenti. E’ tempo di superare questi ostacoli e contribuire allo sviluppo urbano in modo creativo ed innovativo, partecipando attivamente in quanto cittadini e  comunità, con l’obiettivo di ricreare e co-creare le nostre città, insieme. Lo faremo ad Amsterdam, il 25 febbraio, in occasione dell’evento “New Democracy: Co-Creating the City” organizzato dell’European Cultural Foundation.