2nd International Workshop on the Sharing Economy.


The second edition of international workshop on the sharing economy will have a meeting the next 28th and 29th January in Paris. The main topic will be How the sharing economy influence individual behavior, companies and public regulation.

Nowdays it’s common to talk about collaborative economy , with its uses and benefits ,however, despite the rise of the “sharing economy”, no consensus about its definition yet exists. Botsman (2013) defines this sector as “an economic model based on sharing, swapping, trading, or renting products and services, enabling access over ownership.”

It thus pertains to a broad set of industries, including collaborative finance (crowdfunding), collaborative production (3D printing, FabLabs, DIY, etc.) collaborative education (e.g. open education and open knowledge) and finally collaborative consumption. Throughout this workshop, they will aim to explore the impact of the sharing economy on various dimensions: Individual behaviors,Industry, competition and public regulation.

Among Italians participate in the event Davide Arcidiacono (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart), Ivana Pais (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) and Marta Mainieri (Collaboriamo!) who will present the collaborative platforms of italy .

Speakers also Filippo Sallet (University Sapienza) and Venere Stefania Sanna (Sapienza University) who will discuss digital reputation, while Emanuela Mora (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) will focus on the combination of intimacy-friendliness in the economy collaborative. Francesca Oven (University of Bergamo) with Roberta Garibaldi (University of Bergamo), however, analyze the reasons that characterize the category of tourists in the era of the sharing economy.

Airbnb, Kickstarter, Uber, Fab Labs, The Food Assembly, etc.: the rise of these collaborative initiatives no doubt constitutes one of the most striking revolutions of the present day. it’s time to better understand what are the motivations that drive us to share, how is turning the sharing economy, and how we are turning by sharing economy ,about emerging business models and how they evolve collaborative platforms. That’s what 2nd international workshop on the sharing economy is going to do in Paris .


In che modo l’ economia della condivisione influenza i comportamenti individuali, le aziende e la regolamentazione pubblica?  Questa è la domanda a cui cercherà di dare risposta la seconda edizione dell’International Workshop on the Sharing Economy durate l’incontro che si terrà a Parigi i prossimi 28 e 29 gennaio. Un incontro accademico , che vedrà l’intervento di vari professori italiani testimoni del fenomeno della sharing economy italiana e delle nuove piattaforme collaborative che sul territorio si stanno sviluppando. Si discuterà di quali sono le motivazioni che ci spingono a condividere, di come si sta (e ci sta) trasformando la sharing economy, dei modelli emergenti di business e di come si evolvono le piattaforme collaborative.