A faz da par maker: a two-days event dedicated to the sharing economy

unnamedAs we all know, all over the world, and in Italy too, things are changing. The daily way in which we spend our money, the way we organize travels, the way we move. That is basically the arising of a new economic approach.
The first thing to do is to map all of our “friends” and to support each other when we do something good for our communities, so to create a network of social innovators and supporters of sharing economy.

Few weeks ago, a participant of the Sharing School organized in Matera (of whose LabGov was an official partner) in January, emailed us in order to let us know a very nice initiative we are proud to support. 

It is the weekend (on April the 11th and the 12th) called “A faz da par maker”, which will take place in the community center GrottaRossa in Rimini. The expression a faz da par maker is a funny union of the typical expression of Romagna (a faz da par me in that region literally means “go it alone”) with the word Makers.

The two-days event grows out of two different realities.

The first one, DIY Rimini, which will cover a more traditional side of the event, that has at his core themes like agriculture and nutrition. And the second one, MakeRN, more linked to the sharing economy and to the digital craftsmanship.

Both the realities are obviously interconnected and they are driven by the passion for the self-production. Consequently, everybody will be given the chance to exhibit projects and experiences through expository booths, talks, conferences, workshops, laboratories, projections and various amusements.

On Saturday the 11th, the opening day, from 2 pm it will start the 9th edition of the DIYFest, during which it will be possible to participate in free workshops dedicated to yoga, cooking, craftsmanship and reuse activities. Meanwhile it will be possible to have a walk through expository booths and a little market with local producers and craftsman.

At night, after the projection of a movie dedicated to the punk scene of the city of Rome during the 90’s, some local independent bands will play Italian punk/hardcore music.

Finally, Sunday will be the concluding day, which will host the third edition of the “From Market to Makers” faire. There will be a lot of makers’ expository booths with their technological projects such as 3D printers and little robots.

From 3 pm on, there will be a series of speeches and talks on sharing economy, presentations of local and national collaborative economy innovative services, which touch important themes like sustainable mobility, tourism, housing, and economic exchanges alternative to money.

For the whole day, interesting workshops on 3D printing, Arduino, CoderDojo, Linux and Wearable will took place, both for children and adults.
Starting from 9 pm the event will be closed with the “Salotttino”, where it will be possible to freely debate and exchange ideas and opinions on sharing economy. Remember, the only rallying cry will be #sharing!

Both on Saturday and on Sunday, a bio-vegan dinner will be waited on by Tabula Rasa.

The event will be live broadcast by ResetRadio, the first European radio exclusively broadcasting CreativeCommons/Copyleft music.

At the entry, you will be asked a little subsidy (3€ for a single day, 5€ both the days) to contribute to the expenses and to support the future activities.

The event is supported by international partners like Shareable, OuiShare and 3DHubs.

The full and detailed program is available here, see you soon in Rimini!