Accountability: future keyword in Naples

Responsibility ahead: this is the aim of the meeting organized by Action Aid the next 22th – 23th November in Naples, which will take place in Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, Sala Campanella, starting at 12 AM. Action Aid is an independent international organization committed to fighting the causes of world hunger, poverty and social exclusion. It has long been involved in the development of projects taking into account the needs and priorities of local communities and promoting sustainable and long lasting development. The two-day event, organized within the Universal Forum of Cultures of Naples and Campania, aims at promoting the culture of accountability through two days of meetings, workshops and discussions between institutions, businesses, citizens and national and international experts. The two days will challenge in a participatory manner representatives of all stakeholders of the Neapolitan society, through the presence of experts and professionals that will stimulate the discourse upon accountability. Furthermore there will be a specific focus on modern methods of democratic participation, that will be debated in a round table.Local institutions will be involved in the meeting, as well as representatives of the business community and workers’ associations; in addition the attention will be focused on national and international best practices. The meetings will also aim to improve the relationship between institutions and citizens, by providing an opportunity for discussion and by presenting concrete proposals. The hope is that such debate can plant the first seed for aiming at a future collaboration among citizens and institutions, in the sense of allowing a more participatory inclusiveness of stakeholders in the decision making processes.

Among the participants the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris will attend the event, folowed by the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Luigi Di Maio, Professor Christian Iaione, director of Labsus – Laboratory for subsidiarity and coordinator of LabGov.
Vittorio Alvino, President of Openpolis will moderate the panel.

The associations that are willing to step in and bring their contributions should send an email to , indicating name and affiliation to any organization.