“Bari per Bene” – Active Citizens for urban regeneration

234801A very nice and recommendable initiative about urban regeneration in Italy is the project “Bari per Bene”, adopted by the municipality of Bari.

It was a particular San Valentine’s day this year in Bari, because during that day the project has started. An “act of love” dedicated to the whole town. An act proposed by the administration to the citizens, who will be involved in an experimental process that has started from the “Madonnella” neighbourhood.

The main goal of the project, as it is stated on the official web page of the project, is to make the city more beautiful to enjoy, having guaranteed cleanliness and decency.
The local administration won’t be alone. Actually, in this process will be involved not only the citizens, but also the districts, and all the branches of the local administration, together with the local police.

Bari per Bene” starts from Madonnella neighborhood for two main reasons.
First of all, because it is one of the most popular districts and secondly, because it is well defined and this could lead to a plausible test of the efficacy of the experimentation. Later on, the project will cross all the neighborhoods following the same procedures, thanks to the help and the warnings of the citizens (thanks to the establishment of a toll-free number and the creation of an application for smartphone).

What is worth to underline is the structure of the project, which is organized in three phases and follows a clear and well-structured timeline chart.
In particular, the first month (February 14th – March 16th
) has been dedicated to monitoring and to raise-the-awareness activities on field, through the active collaboration among citizens and the neighbourhood’s administration.
The second phase, that will last until April 15th
, will include important activities such as collecting and managing the feedback through the analysis of the data collected from the monitoring activities. Then, the programme of the experimentation will be updated.

Lastly, in April, a press conference will be hold, during which this part of the project will be closed and will be presented the next district to which “Bari per Bene” will move.

On January 31st, the Mayor Antonio Decaro wrote on his facebook profile:

Dear friend citizens, our city is mainly made of respectable people. But often we see events characterized by incivility that contribute to make Bari uglier, dirtier and less healthy. We, as administration, can do more in order to guarantee cleaning, decency and livableness. But without you, this is a lost battle.

With the project “Bari per Bene”, I propose you an agreement in which we, the Administration, undertake to enforce the public services for cleanliness. At the same time, I ask you to cooperate with us following the rules and reporting who does not.

Public spaces belong to everyone, and to protect them from negligence and neglect is a duty. Actually, it is a challenge that will bring together all the people who love our city, Bari.”

E’ stato avviato lo scorso 14 Febbraio il progetto “Bari per Bene”, con il quale il Comune del capoluogo pugliese sta coinvolgendo i cittadini nella cura degli spazi comuni in una lotta contro il degrado e l’incuranza degli stessi.
Oggi il progetto sta attraversando la seconda fase nel quartiere Madonnella. Dal 15 Aprile in poi scopriremo i successivi quartieri nei quali il progetto continuerà a coinvolgere i residenti, i quali verranno sempre affiancati dall’amministrazione locale, dalla Polizia Municipale e dall’AMIU.