Bologna for Urban Innovation: Presenting the National Operative Plan for Metropolitan Cities

From ideas to choices: Bologna for urban innovation

On Thursday the 15th of December, starting at 5 pm, Opificio Golinelli will host the public event “Dalle idee alle scelte: Bologna per l’innovazione urbana”.

The event will be the occasion to present the actions and projects that Bologna is developing within the framework of the National Operative Program (PON) for the metropolitan cities 2014-2020, with the aim of activating energies and producing a complessive strategy of urban innovation. The projects have the objective of regenerating new spaces and increasing social inclusion, sustainability, civic collaboration and digital services while supporting the activities of the youngsters, the communities and the enterprises.

The event will also be an occasion to further develop the actions launched and imagined during the path of “Collaborare è Bologna” and to reflect on how civic collaboration can be strengthened and on how urban innovation can be generated through the creation of collaborative cities.

The program of the event envisages the welcome of Virginio Merola, Mayor of Bologna, followed by the speeches of Giorgio Martini (PON Management Authority and head of the Agency for territorial cohesion), Giacomo Capuzzimati ( PON Urban Authority and General Director of the Municipality), Giovanni Ginocchini (Director of the Urban Center) and Christian Iaione (LabGov‘s Coordinator). To follow, the Council Members of the  will give their contribution and the Mayor will give a closing speech.

The meeting will then proceed with its second part, consisting in a buffet that will create the occasion to continue the discussion with all the participants in a more informal atmosphere.


Giovedì 15 dicembre 2016 alle ore 17.00 l’Opificio Golinelli ospiterà l’evento pubblico “Dalle idee alle scelte, Bologna per l’Innovazione Urbana”.

“L’evento sarà occasione per presentare le azioni e i progetti del Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) Città metropolitane 2014-2020, il Piano per la città e per l’area metropolitana che Bologna mette in campo per attivare le migliori energie e la strategia complessiva di innovazione urbana. I progetti hanno l’obiettivo di rigenerare nuovi spazi e incrementare l’inclusione sociale, la sostenibilità, i servizi digitali, la collaborazione civica e sostenere l’attività di giovani, comunità, imprese”.

Il programma dell’evento è disponibile qui.