Bologna: vegetable garden for young people and families

origin_1715139318In north of Italy, exactly in Bologna, the Caab (The Agriculture and Food Centre of Bologna) is arranging a new project, called “Progetto 100 x 100” (Project 100 for 100). The Caab is a modern structure designed to promote the wholesale food products and related logistics services. The initiative provides for the granting of pieces of land to some young people and families. Such land is vegetable garden, composed of hundred square meters ground. The Caab will grant 100 pieces of land and so we can understand the name of the project’s meaning. The initiative’s innovation is very particular, because the Caab doesn’t merely grant the gardens, but it goes beyond. In fact, the organization will give concrete tools for the care of gardens. Every family can grow their own vegetable garden and later sell the fruits at the market or exchange them with their neighbors. With this system, participants will learn how to take care of an asset and therefore they will receive real economic advantages from their work.