CO-Mantova calling

foto_co-mantova_consultazioneCo-Mantua is calling for collaboration: the public consultation on the institutional prototype of the first CO-City of Italy is online!


CO-Mantova, is the result of a collaborative process the “Enterprises for the commons” Co-design Laboratory, held in Mantova during the previous months, supported by the local Chamber of Commerce and realised under the scientific supervision of Labsus, the Laboratory for subsidiarity. The project has been divided in four phases: at first, the collaborative call for ideas, for identifying creative social innovators of Mantova; then, the co-design sessions, started in June and ended in November, realised with the collaboration of experts from the professional and the academic world such as Christian Iaione, coordinator of LUISS-LabGov, Luigi Corvo from of Fundraising Lab, Daniela Selloni, service designer, Anna Seravalli, collaborative strategist from Medea, in Malmo University, Dino Amenduni, communication experts  of Proforma, and Daniele Di Gennaro director of Minimum Fax. The third phase has been a Governance Camp, and the last phase is the launch of a questionnaire, in order to collect comments and opinions on the project’s output through the collaboration of all the actors that want to be involved in CO-Mantova and its Collaboration Pact.

As Christian Iaione stated,  Co-Mantova is a “prototype of an institutionalizing process to run cities as a collaborative commons (see Jeremy Rifkin‘s definition) and therefore as “CO-cities“. CO-cities should be based on collaborative governance of the commons (inspired by Elinor Ostrom‘s work) whereby urban, environmental, cultural, knowledge and digital commons are co-managed by the five actors of the collaborative governance – social innovators (i.e. active citizens, makers, digital innovators, urban regenerators, rurban innovators, etc.), public authorities, businesses, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions (i.e. schools, universities, cultural academies, etc.) – through an institutionalized public-private-people/community partnership[1].”

The questionnaire about the Collaboration Pact is available CO-Mantova project’s website, at the following link: The public consultation is open until 9th March.


[1] C. Iaione, CO-Mantova as a trigger for a CO-Cities movement, in, 27 November 2014, available at: