Collaborative governance and urban Commons at #ForumPA!

2885785In occasion of last ForumPA, Professor Christian Iaione, coordinator of LabGov – LABoratory for the GOVernance of Commons joined three events in collaborative governance field.

During the first meeting, on 26th of May, Professor Iaione participated in Towards a card of digital citizenship” Conference. Here contributors wondered about the highlight of new rights that the network access and the use of new technologies make available to citizens, in light of the first article of the “law Madia” above all.

For the second meeting, that took place on 27th of May, the coordinator of LabGov joined the seminar “Do #RivoluzionePA with participation: how and why”  – in collaboration with Poste Italiane. This was a time for discussion and peer to peer training on tools and methodologies of participation in government processes and on creation of public value. Contributions, experiences and border interactions in a session that wanted to build participation. The goal was to identify and codify tools and practices to be transferred in Public Administration.

Finally, during the last meeting on 28th of May, Professor Iaione held a laboratory named “Collaborative mapping and active policies for commons”, that was a double laboratory dedicated to the combination between the practices of mapping abandoned assets and active policies for commos, both founded on social interaction and active participation of citizens. The first ones tell us about the abandonment of territories, the latter ones dedicated to the production of public goods often triggered through the reuse of these assets decommissioned.




Governance collaborativa e beni comuni urbani al #ForumPA!


In occasione dell’ultimo ForumPA 2015, il Professor Christian Iaione, coordinatore di LabGov – LABoratorio per la GOVernance dei beni comuni, ha partecipato e moderato alcuni tra gli eventi in programma.