Piazza dei Colori, Bologna, 27-28 June 2016

The Co-Bologna project made an important step forward last weekend, through the workshop for Piazza dei Colori, coordinated by some of the LabGov staff members.

Piazza dei Colori is one of Co-Bologna “construction sites”, and the aim is to turn it into a collaborative district that could later include different realities from Croce del Biacco and all the migrants that live there. LabGov is serving as a catalyst in this process and, after a few fact-finding meetings, some of our members have arranged this important workshop on a very important theme: collaboration.

The workshop purpose wasn’t that of giving some standard collaboration model: instead, it was a way to find an original, tailored way of collaborating, that could suit perfectly the particular situation and the people involved. In facts, to be effective, collaboration has to be defined and directed from the people that have to deal with everyday issues and effects of the collaboration itself.

To design their very own model of collaboration, the participants (selected from the associations that settle Piazza dei Colori) had to learn to deal with the others as an individual, and later to work as a group. The technique used was that of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, which enables the players to get to know each other and begin to cooperate in a very natural and effective way.

During the two-days workshop, the participants were able to build (both literally and figuratively) the basis of a long-term collaboration pattern, by getting familiar with who they were, what were they able to do, and which was their shared idea on collaboration. The last part of the workshop was devoted to identifying the potentialities and resources of Piazza dei Colori and the needs of its actors, but also the difficulties that may arise in the process of collaboration.

The process of collaboration-building will continue on July 11.


Nel quadro del progetto Co-Bologna, LabGov ha organizzato una serie di workshop dedicati all’elaborazione di un modello di collaborazione su misura per la valorizzazione dell’area di Piazza dei Colori. Al workshop che si è tenuto il 27-28 giugno, i partecipanti hanno potuto conoscersi e cominciare ad elaborare un pattern di collaborazione attraverso la tecnica LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, individuando successivamente le potenzialità della zona, i bisogni degli attori e le difficoltà che potrebbero emergere nel processo di collaborazione. Il prossimo workshop avrà luogo l’11 luglio.