Día de los datos abiertos 2017 – Madrid

On Saturday, March 4th, Madrid will host the Open Data Day 2017. The Open Data community will reunite to sensitize citizens and local actors on their use, purpose and opportunities. It will be a great occasion to show and spread knowledge on the benefits related to Open Data, in order to promote the adoption of policies on data in both administrations, private sector and civil society.

LabGov will attend the Open Data Day with its co-founder Christian Iaione, who is going to join a conversation on Commons, institutions and co-creation with Claudia Delso, Councilor for Participation and Democratic Innocation in the Municipality of La Coruña, and Ana Méndez de Andés, Assessor of Cultural Area in the Municipality of Madrid.

The full program of the event is available here: http://medialab-prado.es/article/dia-de-los-datos-abiertos-2017#sec-6