Every site needs someone to take care of it: Clean-up the world!

HEAD_PiM_epic2013As Blues Brothers said, in their song: “everybody needs somebody”. In this case: every site needs somebody. That’s the cornerstone of “Puliamo il Mondo”, the Italian’s edition of Clean up the World, the largest environmental volunteer event in the world.

The purpose of this campaign is to become the protagonists of Beauty, freeing countries from the decay of streets, squares and green areas of the city and promoting proper waste management. How to do it? it’s easy: don’t stay still, change the world! like the 600 thousand Italian’s volunteers have done, last September, in 4000 places in the country.

Legambiente, (League for the Environment), as the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, is attend throughout the country thanks to the tireless work of more than 1000 groups of “environmental volunteers”, who organize the initiative at the local level in collaboration with associations, companies, committees and city governments.

One of the protagonist, in the last edition of Puliamo il Mondo, 2013, has been Villa Ada. It’s an excellent example of collaboration between Circolo Legambiente “Sherwood”, volunteers, residents and  councilors of the II Municipal Council. The result of this partnership has been clear: all the garbage found (mattresses, computers, toilets, scooters, televisions and more) has been removed by three large vans of AMA ( Azienda Municipale Ambiente) and now the Villa Ada’s boundary is renew.