Ferrara Sharing Festival – May 20 – 22: “ Condividere pienamente – to share perfectly”

ferraraFerrara will discuss the new sharing economy with lots of interesting meetings, events and experiences

From May 20 to May 22 2016, Ferrara will host the first Italian Festival about the sharing economyopen to everyone and for free. It is born from the idea of change and new social economy that recently came into our lives. The idea of the festival is to transform the economic and social system that has been in crisis on the one hand, and to create new models of organizations, work, relations/relationships and communication involving institutions, citizens, private persons, individuals and the community on the other. During these three days the whole historic city centre will give space to interesting meetings, special events and shared experiences.

But first of all: What is the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is a new social and collaborative phenomenon. It is an approach of form of life by valuating high the principals of cooperation and using them as an instrument to influence organizations and to transform enterprises.

In Italy, now there are more than 186 platforms divided in 13 sectors (according to a research by Collaboriamo.org and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan)

And next question: Why Ferrara?

Ferrara will be the place to be in these days because of a couple of important reasons:

  • Ferrara has an identity of the territory: It always has been giving space to the idea of associations and cooperation.
  • Its objective is to build up a laboratory of ideas regarding the transformations and changes. Everyone is affected by the different levels of our political and social, economic and organizational lives. The Festival gives everyone the possibility to be part of the change and to create a new value of the territory, of the country.

Cooperating with the “Associazioni di Categoria”, the “Associazioni Culutrali”, the university and a lot more organizations to work together so that the city of Ferrara can continue to work on being an open building site on the cooperative culture.

  • Moreover, Ferrara is a place of reflexion on the themes of actuality and gives the possibility to create a platform of discussion.
  • And finally, it is a place of contemporary culture, it is open and active.

The festival gives the opportunity to talk about these realities, even about the small ones with a typical national character that are increasing and growing very fast. The aim is to create a dialogue between the traditional organizations and associations, but also enterprises that for many years are operating on the (international) markets, and to show them new, advanced models to improve and to cooperate.

The agenda of the three days of the festival will be:

  • More than 100 experiences of experts of the sector
  • May 20: “Le piattaforme della sharing economy. I servizi e i prodotti della sharing”
  • May 21: “Le nuove professioni: lavoro precario o opportunità di crescita? and “Le nuove economie: le policies dell’economia collaborativi”
  • May 22: “Il change making. Dal movimento al cambiamento” and “Le nuove professioni tra profit e no profit”

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