Flowing Knowledges – Architecture, Research, Production – Seminar, January 28-30


LUISS Professor Christian Iaione will attend and talk at an international seminar to be held in Bolzano on Thursday, January 28, and in Trento on Friday, January 29, 2016.

The main topic of the seminar, organised by REDS2ALPS2, is resilient ecological design strategies. Many of the pressing issues that nowadays Architecture and Urban Planning are called to address, such as sustainability, social and economic inequalities, globalization and open source knowledge imply scenarios which are far too complex to be investigated and dealt within the borders of just these two disciplines with their methods and tools.

Only a proper flow of knowledge, in other words a transdisciplinary approach to this urge, will be able to tackle such a challenge.

The seminar will bring together scholars, designers, researchers at international level, who will offer their experience and their vision on this topic.

Besides LUISS Professor Iaione, keynote speakers will include:

  •  Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect and professor at the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Tokyo.
  • Paco Lanciano, an Italian physicist whose collaborations include the ones with CERN, CNR, as well as popular Italian TV show SuperQuark.
  • Carlo Ratti, an Italian architect, engineer, inventor, educator and activist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.
  • Odile Decq, an award-winning French architect and academic.


Please find the programme of the seminar here.


Il Professor Iaione parteciperà ed interverrà i prossimi 28 e 29 Gennaio ad un seminario internazionale, a Trento e Bolzano, organizzato da REDS2ALPS2. L’argomento principale dell’evento saranno le strategie urbane di design resilienti ed ecologiche. L’obiettivo ultimo è quello di trovare e discutere di approcci interdisciplinari che possano essere implementati per far fronte a sfide urbane quali la sostenibilità, l’iniquità sociale ed economica, la globalizzazione e i sistemi open source. Professori, designer e ricercatori internazionali si alterneranno in quattro sessioni tematiche. Per informazioni più dettagliate, accedete al sito dell’evento qui.