France, the first edition of “Printemps Citoyen”

From March 21 to April 5 France hosts the first edition of Printemps citoyen, a collaborative initiative gathering 1000 events like meetings, debates and workshops organized on the initiative of citizens and associations. Hosted in 500 informal locations like cafeterias, schools, co-working and association spaces, the events will be an opportunity to debate on different topics proposed by citizens, from culture to economics, from health to history, thus strengthening citizens participation.

The aim is in fact giving a voice and making space to citizens, “populariser la démocratie participative au-delà de celles et ceux qui prennent déjà la parole ou exercent déjà des responsabilités et de dresser une cartographie des préoccupations et des propositions des citoyens”.

Initiated by the cooperative start-up Kawaa and the collective “Le labo du faire ensemble”, a think-tank promoted by different institutions operating for young target, Unis-Cité AFEV, Coexister, Passeport Avenir, Singa and the International Collaborative Foundation, with the financial support of the corporate foundation of Macif group, the initiative represents a unique opportunity for citizens to raise problems and debate proposals, that will be collected and presented in a final dissemination meeting on April 20.

Many partners joined the project, some of them belonging to Démocratie ouverte, an independent citizens collective whose aim is to accelerate democratic transition by promoting transparency and citizens participation with dedicated programs.

Partners provide also digital tools, like the collaborative platform proposed and offered by Kawaa, and some animation formats containing instructions and details to organize and conduct effective meetings/workshops, also according to different contexts and targets. Open Forum, World Café, SenseDrink, Le Café envie d’agir are just few examples of the available formats. A documentary film showing best practices of democratic innovation from around the world is also available on the website. Citizens could choose a topic and a format, search for the available locations, register their event or simply attend the various meetings organized throughout the national territory. Secularity, creativity, political elections, ecological issues, tax avoidance, migration, citizens engagement are some of the topics under debate.

The complete program is available here.



Si tiene in Francia, dal 21 marzo al 5 aprile, la prima edizione di “Printemps citoyen”, iniziativa collaborativa che promuove in tutto il territorio nazionale 1000 incontri, atelier e dibattiti organizzati dai cittadini per i cittadini, con l’obiettivo di stimolarne una partecipazione attiva nella società.