I love you Italy! A smart community that loves the Belpaese

ItaliaTVBThe initiative “Italia Ti Voglio Bene” presents on Monday the 9th of September in Rome a public debate for the discussion of new proposals for the development of Italy through social capital.


The growth of social capital as a new start for the development of Italy will be the theme of the conference will take place at the Senate of the Italian Republic the next 9th of September in the Sala dell’Istituto di Santa Maria in Aquiro (Piazza Capranica, 9) from 9:30 am to 13:30 pm. The conference represents the first moment of public debate of the project “Italia Ti Voglio Bene”, launched on January by the Centro Antartide of Bologna.

The idea behind this project is that is possible to have smart cities only with smart communities. Italia Ti Voglio Bene aims to give voice to the good and virtuous Italy spreading the idea of active citizenship, reciprocity, cooperation and collaboration, social responsibility, civicness and sustainability. The main aim of the event is the elaboration of new proposals at national level .

The event, that will be hosted by the Vice-president of the Senate Linda Lanzillotta and by the senator Rita Ghedini, will have many guests from politics, third sector, university and civil society. The introduction  will be made by professor Stefano Zamagni of the University of Bologna that will talk about the importance of circular subsidiarity for the development of social capital. Among the speakers there will be also Gregorio Arena, President of Labsus – Laboratory for Subsidiary that will participate in the roundtable of the shared governance of the commons. The professor Christian Iaione of RENA will be part of the roundtable about the citizenship and the civicness.

Italia Ti Voglio Bene aims to create collaboration and sharing of ideas in a broader project in which the single group and ideas spread all around Italy could find a common framework. A common framework that makes easier for participants to share theoretical concept but also practical experiences. In fact, will be crated a national day and an on-line platform for communication.