Internazionale festival in Ferrara: a discussion about collaborative economy


On 3rd October, at 5 pm, Internazionale Ferrara festival will host an event where prof. Christian Iaione, LabGov coordinators, Albert Canigueral from OUIshare, and Gea Scancarello, journalist and writer, will discuss about the sharing economy, as a phenomenon between the market and social innovation. Marta Mainieri (Collaboriamo) will moderate the discussion. The event is organized in collaboration with Fondazione Unipolis.

According to the British economist Paul Mason, and journalist for The Guardian, which is giving great attention to urban commons, collaborative economy and urban commoning in the so-called “Collaborative cities”, societies need to take advantage of the technological revolution we are experiencing and create a postcapitalist sharing society. Both at the national level, like in California, and at the local level, like in Seoul and New York City, institutions are designing governance arrangements to promote and foster sharing and commoning practices. The European Union is facing this challenge, too. The aim of the event at the Internazionale Ferrara Festival is to investigate if it is possible for the collaborative/sharing economy to constitute the ground for a commons-based urban economy, which is also the aim of the fourth track of “The city as a commons” IASC conference: What are the lessons and forms of innovation that we can learn from this literature and this movement in managing the urban commons? Some possibilities are the regeneration of common spaces in cities for co-working and co-manufacturing, forms of cooperative ownership models such as community land trusts and real estate investment cooperatives, and the conscious emergence of a collaborative class in the cities that transforms the economic relations among urban inhabitants.


LabGov is deeply involved in the analysis of the sharing economy context. See: Interview on Shareable Interview on Commons Transition; The XXI Century as a collaborative century.