The Kennedy Institute for the US Senate: bringing together citizens and Institutions

downloadStarting from March 2015, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate will finally be opened on the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts . The Institute takes its name after the Senator Ted Kennedy who, in 2003, first envisioned the project consisting of the creation of a centre of learning that will educate the people about the Senate of the United States and in particular about the legislative process. The experience will help promoting democracy, cooperation and problem solving techniques.

During the visit, 100 visitors will be able to take part in a loyal reproduction of the US Senate and, pretending to be a senator, will be able to see firsthand how the debates and the legislative procedures are daily carried out at governmental level. Besides the more “practical” part, the centre offers some classrooms where the people will be able to get some more theoretical notions. Of course the whole thing will be carried out in an absolutely non-partisan way in order to guarantee a smooth and trustworthy functioning of the experience.

It is interesting to notice that the Institute will be open to everyone and therefore not only will surely catch the attention of people belonging to all kinds of social position and with different education levels but will also attract tourists coming from every part of the world. This randomly-born “melting pot” will be asked to join some legislation debates, providing a great opportunity for everyone to get in touch with new ideas and different points of view and also to elaborate some strategies to find a solution to the settlement of disputes which are born from obvious ideological differences. In daily life it is easy to cooperate with people that you have chosen to work with or that you know well, but the challenge that the Institute offers is unique: the collaboration with people that don’t know each other and that belong to completely different social backgrounds.

The most important aim of the institute, therefore, is not only to teach the people how the Senate works in a “mechanical” sense; it rather wants to show how it works in a more practical way, stressing the importance of cooperation in everyday life. After the experience the people will be able to return to their communities and reproduce in their life the cooperation methods they have learned, helping to promote a more efficient and a better environment.


A Marzo 2015 verrà inaugurato a Boston l’Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, un centro ideato nel 2003 dal Senatore Kennedy con l’obiettivo di insegnare alla popolazione il funzionamento del Senato americano, focalizzandosi soprattutto sul processo legislativo.

Durante la visita all’istituto le persone presenti avranno la possibilità di riprodurre ciò che avviene quotidianamente all’interno del Senato e potranno discutere leggi, partecipare a dibattiti e scendere a compromessi.

L’esperienza che il centro offre è un’ottima opportunità per persone provenienti da diversi strati sociali e da diverse parti del mondo per imparare nuovi metodi di collaborazione che poi potranno impiegare nelle loro comunità una volta tornati a casa.