LabGov opening event: Environment, Agriculture and Food: the territory as a commons

Locandina Evento Apertura LabGov2015 Ultima copia

Luiss Guido Carli, LabGov and LabSus are pleased to launch the activities for the academic year 2014-2015 at the presence of renewed experts, academic specialists and brilliant professionals of the Commons.

The Director General of Luiss Guido Carli Dott. Lo Storto Giovanni will introduce the panel and lead the introductory presentation, followed by the intervention of Professor Morlino L., Prof. Arena G., Dott.ssa Gardoni M.L., Dr. Verri P. and Prof. Iaione C.


As fellows of the leading wave of the Commons, we are very pleased to open the Lab and to present the activities of the new project cycle, as well as welcoming all our special guests and contributors.

The input for the creation of LabGov was given by the founding fathers in 2012, as a means for managing the emerging expectation of corporations and public institutions, which are more and more concerned about the issue of resources’ shortages and governance methods to fill the gap among social needs and scarce management of supplies and assets.

The Lab, which was born as collaboration between LabSus and LUISS, managed to fulfill great expectations and to deliver concrete results: indeed, through a dynamic and non-conventional educational scheme (clinic house) it was possible to mold the character and build relevant skills for a new category of professionals of the governance of the commons.

Stay Tuned !