Movement No Slot in action with a flashmob!

flashmobIt’s time for a flashmob, and the aim is the struggle against the act of gambling, the play bet. The Movement No Slot is the association who decided to organize the flash mob, and Biella will be the point from what this campaign will start.

It’s a national event and the movement wants to make aware the public opinion, even if the places are still full of slot-machines.

Daniele Albanese is one of the organizers, member of the local seat of “Caritas” in Biella, and he said that they won’t  stop the protest!

The movement had the occasion to talk with people who are afflicted by this social problem, for the reason that they decide to go and ask help to Caritas. The owner of a Pub wants to give an important proof of the will of fighting against “the act of gambling”: she will remove the machines settled in the place.

Daniele Albanese adds that they would like to promote a partnership with local unions that defend the rights of workers. The fact is that the act of gambling caused the drop of 50 millions of euros from the real economy.

“It’s a fraud, legalized by the State, but we don’t want to stigmatize this circumstance: we will offer to people the possibility of a positive alternative, the good play and harder social relations could be a potent cure” affirms Albanese.