OURCITIES: Re-imagine the Urban Environment


What is the future of our cities? This question will be the central topic of the initiative titled: OURCITIES: Re-imagine the Urban Environment. This project, organized by Itinerant Office through the New Generation cultural agenda and the support of FAF OAF and the City of Florence, will take place in Florence at La Palazzina Reale from October 22nd to October 25th, 2015.

These four days of workshops, public presentations and round table discussions will focus on fuOurcities 2ture scenarios for our cities, including the constant nvestigation of new sustainable models based on participation, the improvement of technologies, and the urgency of new policies that aim towards re-use of unused urban space. Today, more than ever, architects, professors and students will get together to discuss the sense of collectiveness that is bringing a new consciousness to the spaces that belong to us: OurCities.

The lecture schedule is divided into three main sections. The first is a workshop held by Space&Matter and Michele Ferretti that aims to reconceptualize Vittorio Veneto square in Florence. The second section of the OurCities initiative includes a series of public presentations involving 14 international architects[1]. Each one has been asked to answer three questions: (1) What are the keywords to define OurCities and foreseeable future scenarios? (2) Which professions are/will be crucial to change and improve the quality of OurCities? (3) What are the tools to understand, improve and anticipate the future of OurCities? Their contribution is included on the OurCities website, with the main goal of building new tools that will grow in the coming months through contributions from many other experts in different fields. The third and last section of the event is composed of four round tables to discuss: PluralCity, ToolCity, UrgenCity and R-EvolutionCity. The round table ToolCity, moderated by Shumi Bose, will also see the participation of LabGov -LABoratory for the GOVernance of the commons- with CO-Mantova’s ambitious project to run the city as a collaborative. Its aim is to find the most suitable solution for the local economic development through protection, care and enhancement of the cultural heritage, both material and immaterial.

For further information click here for the complete program of the event.

To subscribe to the OurCities workshop mailto:ourcities@ourcities.global


OURCITIES: Re-imagine the Urban Environment

Da giovedì 22 Ottobre a domenica 25 Ottobre, presso La Palazzina reale a Firenze, si terrà OurCities, un evento strutturato in workshop, presentazioni e tavole rotonde per discutere, insieme ad architetti internazionali, professori e studenti, del futuro delle nostre città, della loro evoluzione e degli strumenti che abbiamo per interpretarle.

[1] AP+E, BAM!, Íñigo Cornago Bonal, Daniele Fanzini /Irina Rotaru, Michele Ferretti, FORA, Rodrigo García, Ljubo Georgiev, L+CC/Jason Hilgefort, Francesco Lipari, Opensystems, Parasite 2.0, Pattu, Wolfhouse Productions