Peer Value Conference: Amsterdam, September 2-3, 2016

Join LabGov in Amsterdam at the “Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy” Conference.

The event will take place next September 2-3, 2016, hosted by the city of Amsterdam, in collaboration with P2P Value, Wikimedia, CSG, Shareable and Ouishare. Its aim  is to address the world of the commons on a global scale, to share ideas and offer innovative insights through a mixture of conversations and action plans.

peervalueconf-card1The event will cover three broad topics:

  1. P2P: Inclusive Politics, Activism and Law for the Commons;
  2. Decentralized Tech and Beyond: Global Design, Local Production;
  3. From Platform to Open Cooperativism.

Participants will offer ground-breaking viable solutions trying to answer to the following question in an open debate:

  • What are the conditions that encourage communities to work as peers, creating commons?
  • What are the best practices communities can adopt to safeguard their resilience?
  • Decentralization – why is it important, and how is it implemented and maintained?
  • How can the working methodologies honed by well-established digital communities act as transitional guidelines for sustainable “material” manufacturing?
  • What about social innovation and livelihoods – how does contributory and open accounting work with the systems of value creation found in CBPP?
  • How can civil society participate in recommending policy proposals that support CBPP for governments at the local, regional, national – even global – levels?

Registration are now open via this link.

For further information visit the event website.

Registrati ora alla conferenza “Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy” e raggiungi LabGov ad Amsterdam i prossimi 2 e 3 settembre! Parleremo di commons, cooperazione e condivisione!