Performances in the Water Sector: a roundtable for local regulation

Moved by the sense of active citizenship, there is a raising consensus upon strategies for community empowerment.

Many times we assisted to a deterioration of local services, often fueled by a spiral of disabling structural and institutional performances both of private and public actors.

However, the virtuous solution for stimulating the neuralgic points of a territory is the one that endows people and communities with the necessary technology.

Certainly, building a knowledge matrix for understanding the regulation of local public services and the role of local actors and incentives, is a preliminary condition for identifying relevant territorial patterns.

In the field of policymaking and governance of public services, a methodology for multi-sectorial analysis turns out to be useful.

Thus the quality of technologies for community empowerment, here in the sense of local decision-making, can be benchmarked upon the variables of regulation drivers and information sharing.


The workshop organized by the Florence School of Local Regulation will open the debate upon ” Performances in the Water Sector, opting for a methodology of analysis based on the FIELD framework (developed by the Turin School of local regulation).

The workshop will also be dedicated to the understanding of regulations, investments and cooperation in the Water Sector, both under the lens of the European framework and with regard to a specific National case study, specifically the Italian one.



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