Technical meeting for Pilastro project, July 7, Bologna

Pilastro is a development project of the Pilastro area, which is situated in the suburb of Bologna. The aim of this project is to add value to this zone, connecting the shared values of people with the economic needs of the area. Moreover, the Pilastro project is the first attempt to build a collaborative community.

Pilastro is part of the bigger Co-Bologna project, the cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Bologna and Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna to develop and promote new approches and cooperative models for the governance of the commons. 

On Thursday, July 7th, LabGov will be in Pilastro to meet some associations’ members and experts, in order to follow the process of collaboration-building. The main purpose of this technical meeting is to draw the basis of a participation strategy to regional and European calls, in order to support the local development office in the beginning of its activities

Due to the very technical nature of the subject, it seemed appropriate to discuss it in an early meeting with professionals (mainly planning experts, bound to the territory), in order to select the most suitable financing sources from the many available ones. The result of this technical meeting will be presented, discussed and refined in September, in a meeting open to those who are willing to participate.

You can find more information on this project here and here.


Giovedì 7 giugno LabGov sarà a Bologna per seguire lo sviluppo del progetto di collaborazione del quartiere Pilastro. L’incontro tecnico vedrà la partecipazione di vari membri di associazioni ed esperti, e avrà come scopo la definizione delle strategie di partecipazione ai bandi regionali ed europei, in modo da favorire l’avvio delle attività del progetto. I risultati di questo incontro tecnico saranno presentati, discussi e affinati dopo l’estate, in un incontro aperto a tutti coloro che vorranno partecipare.