#Rigeneriamole , a workshop on Collaborative governance and fundraising

Collaborative Governance and fundraising: a national, European and international approach for the regeneration of Italian cities.


Regeneration is a concept that goes hand in hand in with the issue of structuring the urban network and its spaces. It is obvious that local qualities and assets nourish the urban territory, but it is less far evident how to use them.

Indeed, the technological advancement of the socio-economic urban stratus has to be measured in terms of how much we are able to exploit the added value of a certain portion of territory, and then in terms of network capacity.

If we are not able to identify potential or latent assets and to create efficient and creative solutions for managing the resources of a given reality, it is not possible to talk about regeneration.

Indeed regeneration is a multidimensional and inter-sectorial process that aims at promoting the potentiality of the urban landscape through the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders, including citizens above all.

It is clear that the concept of good governance shall be primarily grounded on what the EU defines as “local ecosystems”.


The objective of the workshop promoted by SECI and in collaboration with LabGov and AUDIS, is to initiate a working session of the collaborative methods of governance, followed by a plenary session based on the model of open conference.

The scientific conference is made for all those interested actors which seeks to understand the 4P paradigm (public private people partnership).

The first session will be held at 9:00 in Sala Agorà of the “Triennale di Milano”.

Following, the conference will take place at 14:30 in Sala d’Onore.


For any further detail, please find attached the program