Sant’Orsola and Participatory urban regeneration

sant'orsolaprogettoIn the last months citizen of Florence and various associations developed a strong communication initiative oriented to “shake” municipal administration and business world. The object of the initiative is the regenerarion of Sant’Orsola’s complex, situated in a neighborhood  (listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites) that has been left in a state of degradation for over 30 years.

These associations presented a petition with which invite the Mayor Renzi to create a “director’ studio, targeting Sant’Orsola” by the end of the municipal administrative mandate in May 2014.

On Saturday October 19, 2013 a meeting, coordinated by the associations that promoted the popular petition, will take place. In this consultation urban planners, experts in urban generation, investors, economic stakeholders and citizens will be invited to present success projects of public works on the topic of Participatory urban regeneration.

This meeting and the “Sant’Orsola’s question” are the germ which should branch out to a more expansive project of civic participation about 100 places that must return to Florence by the end of May 2014.