Second Festival of Civic Collaboration, Bologna 16th April

On Saturday the 16th of April the city of Bologna will host its second Festival of Civic Collaboration, an occasion to celebrate citizens’ participation and civic engagement.


The event, organized by the Municipality of Bologna together with  Bologna’s Urban Center, will take place in conjunction with the celebrations of  “Pilastro 2016”,  a project directed at the development of  Pilastro’s neighborhood through a participative process involving different actors belonging to the area.

The Festival presents a rich program characterized by activities directed to all citizens, which will take place throughout the day.  An opening speech will be held by the Major at 11am, followed by a ceremony in which a prize will be awarded to all the actors who signed Collaboration Pacts and Conventions. In this occasion the prize “Turrita d’Argento” will be assigned to the Social Street Movement and to the volunteers of the association CIVIBO for the project “Cucine Popolari”, as examples of civic engagement and collaboration, and the winners of the contest “Accensione Civica” will receive a prize for their projects selected for the care of common goods.

After a collaborative lunch (where everyone is invited to share something to eat) a discussion will offer a moment for reflection and confrontation on the topic of co-building a collaborative city. Labgov, represented by Professor Christian Iaione, will partecipate in the discussion, titled ““Co-Costruire la Città Collaborativa. Il caso ‘Pilastro2016’”, which will begin at 15.30pm. Alongside with the Professor will intervene in the debate: Matteo Lepore (Economy and Promotion of the City Councillor), Riccardo Malagoli (Public works and Housing Policies Councillor), Simone Borsari (President of San Donato neighborhood), Giovanni Ginocchini (UrbanCenter’s Director) and Ilaria Daolio (“Pilastro2016” Project Coordinator).

The program of the Festival includes a wide range of activities directed to citizens of all ages and  kinds, ranging from animated readings for children to live music, videos projection, a “Barter Festival”, a theatre performance and a walk to discover the neighborhood’s green area.

Following the first edition of the Festival of Civic Collaboration, this second edition will be the occasion to bring our attention on those who “innovate and renovate” and, starting from local identity and traditions, are able to propose new models of civic engagement and collaboration.


Sabato 16 Aprile avrà luogo a Bologna la seconda edizione della Festa della Collaborazione Civica, un’occasione per portare in primo piano tutti gli attori che hanno firmato patti di collaborazione e convenzioni, e per premiare progetti che offrono un esempio di collaborazione e impegno civico. In questo contesto Labgov sarà presente nella persona del Professor Christian Iaione, che interverrà all’interno dell’incontro “Co-Costruire la Città collaborativa. Il caso ‘Pilastro2016’ ”.