Seminar – “Per gli Stati generali della Città e del Federalismo. Rigenerazione urbana, democratica, ecologica ed economica”

Napoli-Immagine-per-sitoOn Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th January 2016, Naples will host the seminar “Per gli Stati generali della Città e del Federalismo. Rigenerazione urbana, democratica, ecologica ed economica” (Convention on Cities and Federalism. Democratic, Ecological and Economic Urban Regeneration), organized by Radicali Italiani (Party of Italian Radicals). The aim of the event is to define and illustrate proposals for a democratic, ecological and economic regeneration of cities. It is the occasion to think about the need to re-start from the local dimension of municipalities and districts as a way to develop new forms of autonomy in order to assert the values of civil liberties, the market economy and ecological sustainability. Among the main themes that will be dealt with are: the quality of the environment and of public services delivered to citizens, competition, the adoption of binding referenda, municipal and fiscal federalism, the Rule of Law.


The debate is organized in three main sessions. Enrico Salvatori, speaker at Radio Radicale, will moderate the first session  about the quality of life and of the environment, urban regeneration and smart cities. The second section will include the contributions by Luigi de Magistris, major of Naples, Emma Bonino, leader of the Party of Italian Radicals, and Christian Iaione, professor of Public Law, Director of the Laboratory for the Governance of the Commons, LUISS Roma and member of the International Association for the Study of the Commons. During this second debate on cities in Europe, federalism and sharing economy, two reports by Corte dei Conti and the National Competition Authority will be presented. Marco Pannella, historic leader of the Party of Italian Radical, will intervene during the last session devoted to the role of citizens in the decision-making processes.


The seminar is part of the campaign seeking the acknowledgement of the right to knowledge by the United Nations, raised as a means protective of the Rule of Law against the discretion of the State. Within the context of this canvas weaved by the Party of Italian Radicals, Professor Claudio Radaelli, University of Exeter, and Professor Alessia Damonte, University of Milan, presented their contribution to the debate “Per un governo locale che renda conto a…” (For a Local Governance accountable to..). They point out how it is time to act on the delegation chain in order to give a greater role to citizens in the administration of public powers, beyond the direct elections of majors and their role as users and consumers of public services. They present a proposal that is political in its nature, focused on the notion of accountability: to abolish the figure of the single, centralized supervisor and to spread the control of public acts among a plurality of actors. In order to reach this ambitious goal, new procedural instruments as well as obligations to provide information, justification and scientific evidence of every act. According to Radaelli and Damonte, the path to walk has already been cleared. First, technological changes are needed in order to reduce the costs of citizens’ consultation and participation; the development of smart cities is addressing this issue.  Second, and consistently with the ‘giving reason obligation’, public policies must be constantly monitored through the use of scientific indicators of performances. Third, new rights are to be achieved through practical efforts in order to let citizens weight beyond political parties and electoral mechanisms. These efforts will result not only in good governance but also in the eradication of corruption and a renewed impulse to economic growth.


Here is the program of the event.




Sabato 23 e domenica 24 gennaio Napoli ospiterà il seminario “Per gli Stati generali della Città e del Federalismo. Rigenerazione urbana, democratica, ecologica ed economica”, organizzato dai Radicali Italiani nell’ambito della campagna per il riconoscimento del diritto alla conoscenza da parte delle Nazioni Unite. Obiettivo dell’evento è definire ed illustrare nuove proposte per la rigenerazione delle città, ripartire cioè dalla dimensione dei comuni e delle città per proporre nuove forme di autonomia per l’affermazione delle liberta civili, dell’economia di mercato e della sostenibilità economica. Prenderanno parte all’evento i leader radicali Emma Bonino e Marco Pannella, il sindaco di Napoli Luigi de Magistris, e il Professore Christian Iaione.


Qui il programma dell’evento.