#share food rather than waste it!


The Italian food is the best food of ever, but every year in Italy is thrown away € 12.3 billion of food. We are crazy? The answer is no, but the food that we buy and consume it’s too much and we waste it.  For this reason I Food Share (IFS) was  born http://www.ifoodshare.org/Default.aspx . IFS is a new platform which help Italian people to sharing food and becoming good citizens from their houses. IFS is a non-profit organization, which created an online platform for sharing food and allows to conjugate the demand for food products for humanitarian purposes with the recovery and the provision of food. The system is a horizontal system where the protagonists are citizens, companies and associations. The main objectives pursued are: solidarity, sustainability and promotion of Italian alimentary goods. How it works? In order to donate or benefit of the baskets made ​​available in the system is necessary to register in the appropriate area. Donors and recipients come into contact through an internal messaging system and make arrangements for delivery/pickup. This initiative appraises the principle of co-operation, reinstates the value of food and fight against the culture of an inflamed and egoistic consumerism.