Smart city exhibition 2014: an opportunity for the territory

Smart city exihibition 2014


The capacity of building the territory, in the sense of grafting all the vital elements for the plantation of social values and economic perspectives in the pillars of the society, is directly linked to the technology of the commons.

Indeed, developing a strategy and delivering territorial results in terms of community building is part of a qualitative output that a smart-community is able to draft.

The multiple solutions offered by the digital communication and networking is the basis of such rethinking because, together with a participative use of digital innovations, a territory can define a new and more efficient mode of governance.


On the basis of an extended network of PA, many experts and contributors will define a futuristic vision for the design of the new society, with a particular focus on the quality of citizens’life.

Bologna Fiere and ForumPA will host the “Smart city exhibition” on 22-23-24th of October.

Among the participants and speakers, the Director of LabSus Prof. Iaione C. will take the floor.



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