Stop slot! Now is law



In yesterday’s post we spoke about a bottom-up initiative, the no slot movement, directed to prevent and limit the phenomenon of gambling addiction. The problem gambling can strain relationships, interfere with work, and lead to financial catastrophe. With the right help, is possible to overcome a gambling problem or addiction and regain control of life. Today we are here to tell that some Italian regions are engaged in combating and preventing the gambling addiction and in promoting conscious playing. In recent years Liguria, Toscana, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia have adopted laws of support and prevention of this dependence. It’s important that regional institutions have decided to act to help people with social problem and gambling addiction, which isn’t just a personal problem but it is a problem of the community.

All of these regional laws share the belief that a punitive approach isn’t effective to prevent and reduce the diffusion of gambling addiction; indeed they provide for some incentives for the owners of bars and game rooms to remove or not install slot machines. “The aim is to reverse the current trend, increasing the pride of all operators who decide to expose out of their bar the label: ‘No Slot‘” affirms Marco Remaschi, Regional Councillor and Chairman of the Healthcare Commission of the region of Tuscany.