Students and volunteers in the schoolyard with the project “Notes for the City-School Gardens”

fotoscuolaIn the last weekend of October, in forty schools of Milan six thousands boys cleaned up the gardens and the streets adjacent to their schools.

The primary objective of the project is the enhancement of urban green spaces, through the direct involvement of the citizenry. In this case, the activator of the civic engine are the younger generation, bearers of a cultural shift towards a more responsible citizenship.

Students and volunteers will come together on the occasion of Clean Up the World 2013, the historic campaign volunteer organized by Legambiente. During the three days there will also “Notes for the City Gardens-School” initiative organized by the Municipality of Milan together with Legambiente, ABCittà, The City of the Sun – Friends of the Park Trotter, to redevelop nine school gardens, one for each zone of the city.