terre mosseThe last 20th and 29th May different areas of the Emilian Po Valley (Pianura padana emiliana) were hit by a strong earthquake. This is one of the most productive Italian areas and the earthquake damaged many companies. Entrepreneurs have not given up and have decided to join together to overcome the crisis.
TERRE MOSSE is the name of this network of about 30 companies of Modena who have decided to join forces to promote and trade their products. It is a network that wants to use the local marketing and the web in order to spread their products. TERRE MOSSE uses the relationships of telematics solidarity that have been created after the earthquake to make their own viral initiatives.
Moreover companies that are part of TERRE MOSSE have facilities for access to tax breaks. The network also promotes participation in research and innovation in collaboration with universities and research centers, public and private.
The goal of the founders of TERRE MOSSE is to help small businesses that cannot manage to overcome the crisis by themselves and restart the production process and economic development.. The idea behind this project is like the famous motto “united we stand, divided we fall”.
This is the story of people who did not give up and decided to pass along a catastrophe. People who have decided not to rely on the solidarity and support but together they tried to win their challenge.