The Forum PA Annual Report 2016

Today Rome is hosting the launch of the second edition of the FPA Annual Report.

The presentation of the report is going to be held by Gianni Dominici and Carlo Mochi Sismondi, respectively General Director and President of FPA, together with Mauro Bonaretti, cabinet secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and Christian Iaione, co-founder of LabGov and associate professor of public law at Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome.

The Report collects a large selection of reflections on the complex theme of the innovation path of the Italian public administration during 2016. Through this report, FPA wants to provide a key to interprete the present as well as a look on the future, starting with an overview of the past.

The Annual Report is completed by the original research 25 anni di riforme della PA: troppe norme, pochi traguardi”.

A livestreaming of the event is available on FPA Facebook page:

An e-book of the Report will be soon available