The Mondeggi Bene Comune Initiative

Fighting to regain access of abandoned public lands, the Mondeggi Bene Comune initiative was born in 2013, out of the Florence Committee for Land as a Common Good (Terra bene Comune Firenze) in order to defend the principles of commoning on agricultural lands on the specific site of the Mondeggi farm, a 200 hectares territory situated in the Florence metropolitan region. Ever since 2013, Mondeggi Bene Comune gathers a diverse network of organic producers, farmers, professors, architects, students and active citizens who want to oppose the selling out of public heritage in favor of private investors, and propose an alternative, participatory community management of these abandoned spaces, one that recognizes the value of such lands as common goods, and one that ensures complete openness and participation by the community.

The initiative is continuing its fight to be recognized by the institutions as a worthy and beneficial example of civic management of common resources, and block the ratification of the notice of sale.

Mondeggi Bene Comune has the potential to foster a democratic dialogue between public institutions and active citizens, as long as it develops a framework for a participatory and open community management of common resources.  

In order to mobilize the maximum number of people the initiative needs citizens to subscribe to the movement’s fight and to help spread the word about their work. To adhere to the cause you can send an email to with your Name (specialization/ field of study, teaching, university or respective organization). Example: Mario Rossi (sociologist, University of Florence).

Mondeggi Bene Comune è una campagna di Terra Bene Comune Firenze che propone il recupero delle terre agricole di Mondeggi, trasformandole in beni comuni soggetti ad uso civico, inalienabili e gestiti dalla comunità locale. Mondeggi Bene Comune si sta impegnando per chiedere alle istituzioni competenti di interrompere la scrittura del bando di vendita e riconoscere la gestione civica della Comunità di Mondeggi, una gestione che deve assicurare la massima apertura e la massima partecipazione cittadina all’esperienza.