The next steps of #CollaboraToscana

#COLLABORATOSCANA, the co-design process led by the Tuscany Region with the support of LabGov and SocioLab, to build a regional public policy on sharing economy and collaborative economy, goes on with the next two meetings which will take place on July 13th and 14th, 2016 in Florence.

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The workshops will begin at 2PM and will end at 5PM on on Wednesday July 13th and Thursday July 14th. These two co-designg sessions will be dedicated to the analysis of two different subjects, which are respectively “InfrastructureandCommons”, through the lenses of sharing and collaboration.

The activities of these two sessions are better understood within the broader framework of the #COLLABORATOSCANA process organized by Vittorio Bugli, the deputy President of Tuscany Region. This process aims at building a regional policy on sharing and collaborative economy. During this series of workshops, that will take place between June and September, participants coming from the public and private sector, from the third sector and the knowledge institutions as well as social innovators and active citizens will be supervised scientifically by LabGov and guided in the co-design process by SocioLab. This approach will allow them to elaborate on the concept of collaboration and develop the content, instruments, policies that will be the pillars of a green paper on collaborative and sharing economy.

The activities of the 13th of July, focused on the theme of Infrastructures, will ask the participants to reflect on the importance of a collaborative and sharing approach to the design of infrastructures and mobility in improving people’s life and in reducing damages to the environment.

On the 14th of July a collaborative approach will be applied to the theme of Goods, meaning with this cultural goods, natural resources (such as uncultivated land) and urban common goods.

Christian Iaione, LabGov co-director, will attend the workshops and inspire the sessions with opening and closing remarks.


Prosegue #CollaboraToscana! il percorso di co-progettazione di un libro verde sulla sharing economy della Regione Toscana. Nei prossimi due workshop, che si terranno il 13 e 14 luglio 2016, a Firenze presso la Sala Pegaso della Regione Toscana in piazza Duomo 10, avranno luogo due sessioni di co-progettazione rispettivamente sui temi “Infrastrutture” e “Beni”.