The Social Innovation Division of Seoul is coming to visit LabGov


On 2nd November Labgov will host at Luiss University a delegation of the Social National Division of Seoul. The delegation is composed by Hyokwan Jun, Director General of Seoul Innovation Buruea, JeongYoun Kim, Deputy Director of the Social Innovation Division, and HakYong Song, Project Manager of the Social Innovation Division.

The Social National Division is a branch of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, whose aim has been to manage the implementation of the sharing economy through the urban policies since September 2012, when the City of Seoul has embraced the sharing economy by defining itself a Sharing City.

The Delegation of the Social National Division is travelling all over Europe in order to find out more about the city and the people who are working on the sharing economy. In Italy they have visited Genoa, Milan, Florence and, as we said, they are coming to Rome to meet Labgov, because of its hard work on these issues. Labgov in Italy is really active, as it has developed Co-Bologna, Co-Battipaglia and many other projects, the last one being the IASC Conference on Urban Commons that will take place on 7-8 November in Bologna.