TRANSIT Workshop on resourcing and monitoring for transformative social innovation

On the 16th and 17th of February a 2-days workshop about resourcing and monitoring, organized within the framework of the TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) Project, will take place in Maastricht.

TRANSIT is a research project, co-founded by the European Commission, which addresses the question of “How social innovation can interact with other forms of (transformative) change, and how actors are (dis) empowered therein”. The projects aims at developing a theory with practical relevance, and in order to do so it adopts a research method which encourages feedback from social entrepreneurs and innovators, policy makers and academics.

In line with this approach, the workshop organized in Maastricht will bring together experts from TRANSIT with practitioners, funders and change agents working on transformative social innovation. The workshop will focus on the question of resourcing and monitoring, which are key issues we need to address in order to help social innovation initiatives going beyond the local achievements they are collecting, by joining forces in seeking contextual and institutional change. To activate an institutionalization process, resourcing and monitoring – two dimensions which are closely linked – are fundamental.  Addressing these two dimensions means addressing 5 sources of tension which are being faced by social innovation initiatives: the question of the internal struggle over growth and direction, the fishing in the same pond issue, the internal and external need for monitoring, the problems of base founding and the co-option from imposed agendas. The workshop will also offer the occasion to review the latest research insights of the TRANSIT project about Social Innovation Initiatives resourcing and monitoring based on in-depth analysis of 20 transnational networks and 80 local manifestations of social innovation.

Professor Christian Iaione, LabGov’s co-founder, will be between the participants in the event, which will be a valuable occasion to exchange insights with other experts and change agents, to discuss and critique different strategies for resourcing, monitoring and sustaining SII, and to develop guidance for policymakers and practitioners on facilitating SII contributions to transformative societal change.